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LOOP - Dare to stand out

LOOP, a new, exciting and modern brand on the block that shakes things up with its tasty flavor combinations and satisfying nicotine kicks! The manufacturer Another Snus Factory have designed these tobacco free nicotine pouches with two things in mind; Discretion and most importantly, the delivery of both flavor and nicotine. Their Instant Rush technology ensures that these comfortable and slim portions provide an instant and long lasting release that hits you the moment you’ve placed on of them under your lip.

Exciting flavor combinations

LOOP’s selection of flavors is big and varied, there is something for every taste and preference. If you’re looking for something fruity then LOOP Sicily Spritz got something special in store for you. It delivers an orange flavor that combines a fruity sweetness with a light yet tasty touch of bitterness. LOOP Jalapeno Lime treats you to something new and completely unique flavor-wise. It combines the freshness of lime together with the heat of green chili. If you’re a licorice fan then there is LOOP Salty Ludicris. Its salty licorice flavor is rounded of with fruity and sweet hints of raspberries. Last but not in anyway the least you got the minty LOOP Mint Mania. Ice cold and mint flavored nicotine pouches that comes in three different strengths; Medium strong, Strong and Extra Strong!

Plant based materials for the can

There are two things that makes LOOP’s nicotine pouches incredibly discreet to enjoy; Their slim size and their high quality filling. This tobacco free and all white filling consists of natural plant fibers. An innovative choice of filling that ensures that these pouches won’t stain and that they provide a low drip experience. The LOOP can itself is made out of 100 % plant based material. Not only are they stylish, they’re also friendly to the environment.

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