Brand: Nordic Spirit

Nordic Spirit

The nordic spirit is a phrase with many connotations, connotations that differs depending on who you ask. Some might say its the stunning nature and the wast wilderness. Other may say its the desire to explore and innovate. The Swedish manufacturer Nordic Snus decided to give it a go with their new brand of tobacco free nicotine pouches. The result was a combination of both and they appropriately named the brand Nordic Spirit.

Nordic Spirit is an all white and tobacco free brand that comes in slim and unique pouches. The pouches consist mainly of plant fibers, flavor aromas, nicotine and has a chewing gum based texture. These pouches are designed for minimal drip and doesn’t color your saliva nor teeth. It delivers long lasting flavors and satisfying nicotine kicks. Put all of this together and you'll get Nordic Spirit, discreet nicotine pouches that provides a flavorful, stimulating and refreshing experience.

Nordic Snus close relation to JTI has enabled them to take part in several ïmportant projects. Projects involving planting trees, taking action against child labour and increasing the usage of renewable energy. All of this combined with the product itself makes Nordic Spirit an innovative and modern take on Swedish snus.

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