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Attention! Soon Lyft is beeing discontinued right now and and is going to be called Velo Nicotine Pouches!  In order to see Velo Nicotine Pouches, click HERE.


Got an itch for something refreshing and energizing? LYFT got you covered on all fronts! The manufacturing experts over at Fiedler & Lundgren has skillfully crafted a brand of tobacco free nicotine pouches filled to the brim with refreshingly long lasting flavors and  nicotine-kicks.


The realization of LYFT didn’t come over night. It improves and enhances all the great qualities of its predecessor EPOK and gives you an even whiter and fresher experience. The filling used in LYFTs pouches consist of natural fibers from eucalyptus and pine, which gives them a full-bodied character and feel. The advantages with going tobacco free are many and plenty. You don’t need to store the pouches refrigerated to keep them fresh, they won’t stain your teeth since they stay completely white during usage and the drip is close to none existing. This extremely low drip prolongs both the fresh flavor and the satisfying release of nicotine.


LYFT comes in a wide variety of different fresh flavors and strenghts. It provides a near instant release of its longlasting flavors and nicotine-kicks, all thanks to its All White and unique composition.

Enjoy all the variety of LYFT snus on and order your LYFT to Austria.

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