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ZYN by Swedish Match is a high quality and innovative brand of tobacco free nicotine pouches. These all white nicotine pouches deliver discreet yet satisfyingly stimulating experiences. They’re packed with both nicotine and refreshing flavors, so don’t let their small package deceive you.

ZYN comes in two different kinds of pouches; Slim and Mini Dry.

Slim – These elongated pouches uses a filling made out of natural plant fibers. They fit nicely under your lip while providing a full-bodied sensation, a perfect balance between comfort and size.

Mini Dry – Their cellulose powder filling makes them, as the name indicates, a bit drier than the slim ones. This dryness reduces the drip significantly. Combine this with their comfortable mini-size and you’ll get something so discreet that you wouldn’t barely notice them under your lip if it wasn't for their refreshing release of nicotine and flavor.

As you may have notice there is some differences between these two types of pouches. But they also got some things in common. Their all white character and lack of tobacco eliminates any potential risk of them staining your teeth. They both have dry surfaces which ensures that the release of both nicotine and flavor last for a satisfyingly long time.

ZYN are available in different strenghts and many tasty flavors. With a selection of popular variants such as the discreet and refreshing ZYN Citrus Mini Dry Extra Strong (6 mg nicotine/portion), the minty and powerful ZYN Slim Cool Mint Extra Strong (11 mg nicotine/portion) and the fruity and somewhat spicy ZYN Slim Ginger Blood Orange (9.5 mg nicotine/portion) just to name a few, makes ZYN to a brand that has something for every taste and preferens. You can now order these tobacco free and all white nicotine pouches to Austria online right here at

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