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Tobacco weight (g):16,8
Portions / Can:24
Net weight (g):16.8
Shipping Weight (g):34
Flavor Descr:Berry Mint
Nicotine (mg/g):6
Packs CH:1,10,30,120
Nicotine Weight:16,8

LYFT Mellow Berry Frost Slim All White

It’s tobacco free, all white and deliciously flavorsome. LYFT Mellow Berry Frost Slim All White deliver a fruity and fresh flavor burst of berries complemented with crisp hints of mint. These tobacco free nicotine pouches provides you with a mild rush of nicotine (4 mg/portion), which makes it the first LYFT-variant that falls under their new category of strenght, ”mellow”. This pleasant release of nicotine gives the sweet flavor more room to show off and really shine.

The lack of tobacco gives these nicotine pouches some great and unique qualities. The innovative natural plant fiber mix used as filling for the pouches eliminates the risk of them staining your teeth. It also reduces the drip significantly which in turn makes the flavor release last for a satisfyingly long time.

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1 Can

6,00 €

10 Cans

50,98 €

30 Cans

152,95 €

120 Cans

611,78 €

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