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The Nordic countries all have their own thing going for them. Finland is the land of a thousands lakes, Norway has their oil and mighty fjords and we Swedes have our beloved snus. As in matter of fact the Swedish people more or less demanded that no one would mess with their snus in order for us to join the EU. One could say that snus is an integral part of our cultural heritage, and we want to share it with the world.

Today the market for smokeless nicotine products has grown and evolved significantly since snus was first introduced to the Swedish masses in the 18th- and 19th century. And we at BuySnus.at want to be a part of this progress. In our shop you’ll find a big and varied selection of tobacco free nicotine pouches (About nicotine pouches) that are alway fresh in stock and ready to be enjoyed.


Our journey began in the early 2000s in a cellar somewhere in the cozy and beautiful (especially during the summer) Swedish town of Lidköping. A town with a rich commerce and trading tradition dating all the way back to medieval times. The name Lidköping actually means something in the line of ”the marketplace by the river Lidan” In true Lidköping-spirit our goal from the get go was to provide our customers with the best shopping experience possible. The cellar soon became too small for our growing BuySnus family and we now sell snus, chew and nicotine pouches all over the world, including Austria.


Employee number 1

The first employee with personnel number 1 still works for us today and thus belongs to the inventory.

Pizza Thursday

Every Thursday pizza is ordered to our office and warehouse. But before that some passionate but friendly banter is thrown around about which pizza place has the best "kebabpizza" and sauce. To kick of the lunch of a small but flashy animation with sound effects and disco lights is played to make everyone aware of that the pizza has arrived. A perfect way to refill ones energy midweek.

Lidköpings Table Tennis and Boule Society

Oh boy…. What started out as some innocent fun during our lunchbreaks has now completely derailed. Every dirty trick in the book has been used. Collusion between players and borderline cheating is not uncommon. It’s blood, sweat and tears.....Please send help

Not afraid to challenge ourselves

One winter day someone came up with the brilliant idea that all of us should participate in a half marathon and obstacle course combination. No one wanted to back down from this challenge. Some bets were made and after some months of training we were ready for the race, or so we thought. The evening after the race we all agreed on one thing, to start training earlier and harder next year.


As you may have noticed we’re a competitive bunch. The desire to always improve and push ourselves to go the extra mile is what drives us. We strive to provide the best shopping experience and customer service possible each and every time!

BuySnus (MaKe WeBo AB)
Box 2180
53102 Lidköping

Org.Nr. 556709-8933


Account information for bank wire transfers:

IBAN: SE7560000000000599918292 
Receiving bank: Svenska Handelsbanken

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