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Smokeless nicotine products have been around for centuries and come in many different shapes and variants in the likes of dip, chew and snus just to name a few. But at BuySnus.at we’re all about the next big thing, all white nicotine pouches. Nic-bags, nicopods, nicotine pouches, All White Snus, Super White Snus... the list of names is long... But they all have one thing in common: they all are an innovative and modern take on these kinds of nicotine-products and has in the recent couple years taken the world by storm. With popular brands such as LYFT and on! it’s easy to understand why thanks to their delivery of fresh flavors and energetic nicotine-kicks, all packed inside discreet and low dripping all white pouches.


These all white nicotine pouches are the result of a new and ingenious tobacco-free production process. The first step is to pick the right kind of fiber for the filling. The fiber used in the pouches comes from natural sources, usually eucalyptus but the choice of fiber may vary from brand to brand. The nifty thing about these fibers is that they provide the same feel and texture as any regular tobacco blend used in snus while being completely tobacco-free. The next step before putting the fiber mix in comfortable and discreet pre-packed pouches (made from the same material found in tea bags) is to add flavor and nicotine depending on the desired strenght. The pouches are then packed into air-sealed cans and shipped to our warehouse. This guarantees that the nicotine pouches we sell always are fresh and ready to be enjoyed.


The white and light character of the pouches results in minimal drip and since they’re all white, they won’t stain your teeth. They achieve this without compromising the satisfying nicotine-kicks or the rich and fresh flavors. The only (but incredible small) con is that the somewhat dry nature of all white nicotine pouches is that the release of nicotine and flavor is slightly delayed, but no more than a couple of seconds. But this dryness also has some big benefits to boot. The flavor and nicotine release last for a long time thanks to the close to none existing drip. All white nicotine pouches are a perfect alternative for those who want to stop smoking, for those who prefer a discreet and clean way to get their nicotine fix or for those who simply like fresh and tasty flavors. All white nicotine pouches is the next big thing when it comes to smokeless nicotine products and we at BuySnus.at got you covered. Our big selection offers a wide variety of flavors and strenghts, we have something for every preference and taste. In our store you can find nicotine pouches such as; the highly popular LYFT Ice Cool Mint Slim All White, the fruity and fresh on! Citrus 6 Nicotine Pouches and the stimulating LYFT Strong Lime Slim All White just to name a few. Our all white nicotine pouches are always fresh in stock, always available for a good price and we always provide fast shipping to Austria. So why not take a look around in our online shop. Who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself a new and tasty favorite?

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