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At BuySnus.at you’ll find a big and varied selection of tobacco free nicotine pouches packed with nicotine and fresh flavors. If you’re familiar with snus then you know what to expect. Just put one pouch under your lip and prepare yourself for a flavorful rush of energy! These innovative and all white nicotine pouches are optimized for a discreet and comfortable fit. They stay completely white at all times and won’t stain your teeth. Their low drip character makes them deliver satisfyingly long lasting flavors and nicotine kicks. Same great experience as with a traditional Swedish snus but now in a fresher, more discreet and completely tobacco free package!

How does one achieve this without compromising strength nor flavor? It all comes down to the high quality filling. It’s made out of either natural fibers or cellulose powder depending on the desired dryness of the pouch. These kind of tobacco free fillings provide the same rich and satisfying sensation and feel as a regular snus. You can learn more about All White Nicotine Pouches here!

In our Austrian exclusive online shop you can find all the latest and most popular nicotine pouches. They’re always fresh in stock, available at a good price and we always deliver quickly to Austria.

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10€ discount on your first order on BuySnus.at

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