Nicotine pouches - snus without tobacco


Nicotine pouches - snus without tobacco

Hi and welcome to, the Austria exclusive online shop for you who want to experience satisfying nicotine kicks and fresh flavors in a discreet fashion. One of the absolut best way to to feel this refreshing sensation is to try one our flavorsome and high quality nicotine pouches. Nicotine pouches or nicotine pods, all white snus, super white snus and nico-bags are all different names for tobacco free snus, and we got a big and varied selection of them. If you’ve tried Swedish snus before then you know exactly what to expect. A smokeless nicotine product packed with rich flavors that you put under your upper lip to savor and enjoy. Nicotine pouches comes in a wide variety of flavors and strenghts, there is one for every taste and preferens.

Nothing is removed (except the tobacco), only gained

Nicotine pouches deliver an experience very much the same as a snus, but with some nice and innovative enhancements.  So what exactly are the similarities and what advantages does nicotine pouches have over snus?

      Similarities to snus:

  • Nicotine pouches deliver, just as snus, full-bodied and rich flavors together with stimulating and satisfying nicotine kicks.
  • You use nicotine pouches exactly the same as a portion snus. Pop the can open, put the pouch under your upper lip and shortly after that you’ll start to feel a refreshing rush of nicotine and flavor.
  • The high quality, natural and tobacco free filling made out of eucalyptus fibers or cellulose powder provides a comfortable and soft fit, just as a portion snus with a traditional tobacco blend.

      Advantages over snus:

  • The sale of snus with tobacco to Austira is prohibited by law. Tobacco-free Nicotine Pouches are the only legal snus products you can buy in Austria.

  • The all white character makes the pouches a bit drier than regular snus portions. This dryness reduces the drip significantly, which in turn lengthens the release of both nicotine and flavor.
  • Since the pouches are completely tobacco free, they stay white at all times and won’t therefore leave any brown stains on your teeth.
  • The lack of tobacco gives the long lasting flavors more room to stand out and really shine.

Same experience, but fresher!

Nicotine pouches got all the same great qualities as a high quality Swedish snus, while they innovates formula further with some neat and nifty details. They’re exceptionally fresh, pleasantly discreet and superbly flavorful. In our shop you can find a big and varied selection of the finest nicotine pouches in many different flavors and strenghts.

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